Pre-selling 2 Bedroom Unit at Aurora Residences

  • Location(住所): 150 R. Lagmay St., San Juan City, Metro Manila
  • Price(価格): P3,500,000
  • Type(間取り): 2BR
  • Area(面積): 46㎡
  • Bedroom(寝室): 2
  • 引渡: 2014
  • Facilities(設備): stove, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, sofa, bed
  • Release Date(公開日)

This is a 2 bedroom condo unit at Aurora residences. Conveniently located along R. Lagmay St., San Juan City, Metro Manila. It is within four minute and two minute walk to J. Ruiz MRT station and Aurora Boulevard jeepney line, respectively. The unit is furnished with granite kitchen counter top, upper and lower cabinets in the kitchens. Units also come with provision for a washing machine near the electrical supply by the kitchen, shower with an exposed tubular shower fixture, 1 light, 1 refrigerator and 1 doorbell. The unit has a total floor area of 46 sq. m.

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