Rockwell Amorsolo West Tower with Parking

  • Location(住所): Rockwell Amorsolo Tower, Rockwell Center
  • Price(賃料): P75,000
  • Type(間取り): 1BR
  • summary(間取概要): 大型1BR
  • Area(面積): 74㎡
  • Bedroom(寝室): 1
  • Toilet(トイレ): 1
  • Shower(シャワー): 1
  • Parking(駐車場): 1
  • Facilities(設備): There are all things and all new
  • Release Date(公開日)

1. installation of pin lights in the living room;
2. re-sanding and repainting of the whole area
3. new sofa set
4. a 48-inch flat TV at the sala in addition to the regular TV in the bedroom
5. new dining set seating 4 persons
6. new washing machine
7. new drier
8. new microwave oven
9. new cooking/dining utensils


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